Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Most Dangerous Recipe In The World...

I kid you not, this recipe is dangerous. Dangerous for you, your family and your best friend. This recipe can only be adapted to make it more dangerous. This is a recipe for...

Mug Cake!

This recipe makes cake far too accessible. When you've had a terrible day, when you're feeling hormonal, when you need a quick celebratory cake or on a day that ends in Y you can make a delicious cake in less than 5 minutes! 5 minutes! As long as you have the ingredients, but from now on I'm sure you will always have these ingredients ready.

There will be no pictures in this post because mug cakes are not pretty. They're functional. They do the job and they do it good. I've tried making them in the past and had a couple of disasters but I've since found the winning formula. This formula can be adapted to any fancy or simply to what you have in your treat supply to make your cake even better. Want it?

Well you can't have it!!

I'm joking, of course you can have it :)

The possibilities with this cake are endless. My current favourite is coconut sponge with strawberry jam. Follow the recipe above but add in 1TBSP of desiccated (not desecrated as I used to call it!) to the cake mixture, scoop out a dollop of mixture and add in as much jam as you like, plonk the mixture back on top and cook - jobs a good'un.

I'm so sorry to have burdened you all with this recipe. You'll never be without cake again. I'm so, so sorry.

Mwahahahahahaaaa! Enjoy!

Are you off to try this now? It's not too early for cake you know. Go, eat cake! And then let me know what your favourite flavour combination is.

On a side note... What do we think of that recipe card design? I think the colours need tweaking a little but I'm not sure which way to go?

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  1. Thank you!!! The heating element of my oven has just blown and we can't afford to replace it just yet. I was facing weeks with no cake!! Now you rell me I can whip one up in five minutes in the microwave? All is well again ;-)