Friday, 7 June 2013

Here Comes The Sun!

Woohoo! Summer is here! Well, it's been warm and sunny for a couple of days so that must be our summer right? In great British tradition, as soon as the sun came out we made the decision - picnic time! We packed up a coolbag with too many sandwiches (with cucumber to make them soggy of course), quiche, pasties and lots of crisps and cakes and off we toddled to the beach :)

Someone forgot to mention that it's cold at the beach!

Rookie mistake! It's windy and blimmin freezing at the coast and numbnuts here didn't even bring a cardigan so it wasn't the most pleasant of strolls along the beach. Plans of taking lots of sunny and glamourous bump pictures by the sea definitely did not pan out - best laid plans and all that jaz.

It was that cold that we probably only lasted about 1hr on the beach and ended up eating our picnic in the car with the windows up! Next time the sun comes out (next year knowing our luck) we're heading in land to a's got to be warm there right?

So, although our day wasn't quite what we wanted, we do know of two furry friends who did enjoy themselves just a little bit...

So whilst the wind and cold may have reduced me to tears with back pain by the time we got home, we did have two satisfied (and smelly) dogs asleep in the car the whole journey home.

A good day out :)