Sunday, 9 June 2013

Don't mention the S word!

Maybe I'll be brave and mention it...we'll see.

What is it with tastebuds in pregnancy? Seriously! What happens to them?

I mean, I was expecting cravings. I was hoping to be sending my other half off to the supermarket at 4am for hot wings and chocolate sauce just for kicks, but I wasn't expecting the huge list of things that I used to love but wouldn't be able to stomach. Or the things I've always hated and now miraculously can't get enough of!

My most exciting craving to date has involved eating a packet of cheese and onion crisps with a plate full of garlic olives - not very weird and wonderful. I'm a little bit disappointed in myself for it to be honest.

Food aversions are something I have experienced. With one in particular which has meant everyone in the house has to avoid a certain food. I daren't even mention it...Sausages! There, I've said it and now I won't mention it again. Honestly, at the high point of my sickness, someone just mentioning the word would send me off to the toilet gagging all the way. What's that all about? I had to turn the channel over if an advert for them came on and couldn't even be in the house if they were being cooked. As the sickness eased a bit (the drugs I've now been given have made life so much easier) I could handle being in the same house but needed all doors between the kitchen and me closed and all windows open for me.

I must sound like a drama queen right? Well, let me tell you about the bacon sandwich...

The bacon sandwich I'd dreamt about all night, the bacon sandwich that had my mouth watering at the thought of it. THE bacon sandwich.

We'd cooked bakey bread (the part baked rolls - nom!) and my mum went into the kitchen to cook the meat, she wanted the dreaded tubes of meat so I went and hid upstairs. Ten minutes later I was brought up (yep, knock on the door and everything - not a drama Queen at all...)a steaming hot, butter dripping bacon roll. I was so happy! I tucked straight in and then....NO! Ran to the toilet and spent 5 minutes hurling :( No, I haven't suddenly gone off of bacon (the horror!!) - all the meat was cooked in the same pan :( I was so upset that I cried. I cried because I couldn't eat my bacon roll that I'd been dreaming about. I felt so hard done by! Bloody hormones!

Now the dreaded meaty things are not even in the house, it's so strange because I loved them before!

I wonder if I'll be able to stomach them when the baby arrives?

I'll probably be too terrified to try them!

I actually feel a little bit sick after writing this. Bleugh.

What about you other mums? Did you experience any food aversions? Did they go away when baby arrived?

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