Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rockin with the Stars! - Discount code included!

Nope, I haven't turned into an international rock star in the past 11 days (although I do know a band that is *this* close to doing just that! Follow @theverdictlive on twitter for more info!) I'm talking about my new favourite candle from One Stop Pamper Shop!

I mentioned the fabulous One Stop Pamper Shop in one of my previous posts and I need to mention them again - they're amazing! Every single candle from this emporium of fragrance contains the highest level of scent possible, combining this with their prettiness and affordability, you have got some serious value for money going on!

Back to my latest favourite! Rockin with the Stars is a bright pink, sweet smelling candle that is so deliciously scented that you don't even need to light it to catch a whiff! I popped mine next to an open window and the summer breeze helped to disperse a sumptuous, sherbety scent around my living room! Once lit the fragrance soon made it's way around my entire flat! How fabulous is that?

Whilst the candle was burning, my fiancé came in from walking the dogs and stopped at the door looking a wee bit confused; "Did you go to Lush today?" He asked, walking straight into the bathroom.

"No, why?" I replied following him on his Fred Flinstone-esque tip toed, nose following travels around the flat.

"I can smell that soap you bought me, the incredibly manly bright pink sugary one." He says with a smile...

Turns out, Rockin with the Stars smells just like my fiancé's favourite soap from Lush! Result! This means that he won't moan that I've got a candle on he doesn't like!

On a side note: His favourite soap is not manly at all, it's a super-sweet vanilla and floral soap that's bright pink in colour - he refuses to buy it for himself because it's so girly! (don't tell him I told you)

If you like scented candles I implore you to visit One Stop Pamper Shop!! And if you're in the South-East why not pop into their fabulous new shop? Handmade High St is in Colchester and features not only the fragrant joys of One Stop but a beautiful array of other handmade loveliness from a variety of amazing UK artisans - Get down there!!

Oooooh! And check this out! The fabulous One Stop Pamper Shop has a sneaky little discount code for you to use too! use code AWESOME for 20% off for the next week! (starting June 29th) - go try Rockin With the Stars for yourself!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A change of pace

I think I might have to change the name of my blog.

What started out as a great plan with lots of ideas has fizzled out a little bit. This is due to many things but in essence, my mood has been too low to be truly creative and have the energy to make all the things that I want to make and to spend time making my home as beautiful as I'd like to.

Recently I've been visiting a few of my finance's friend's homes and it has depressed me no end seeing how beautiful their homes are. But that's not our fault. We've gone through so much and had to flee our home so we don't have the means to do what they've done. A lot of them have lived where they are for years and been together double the time we have been so it makes sense that they have 'grown up' and lovely homes, but I can't help a little bit of the green eyed monster being around.

I know things will get better. They have to get better.

I keep saying this to myself and I have to believe it: The hard time will make the good times better and the tough times will make us stronger as a couple and as a family when that time comes. If we can get through what we've been through in our lives so far then we can do anything we want to!

Instead of focusing on what I haven't got, I'd like to focus on what I do have - right now.

I have a wonderful fiancé who loves me just as much as I love him and I can't wait to become his wife (whenever we can manage to pull a wedding together).

I have my fantastic little Roofus, my playful boy who gives the best cuddles.

My amazingly beautiful Dakota, with her love of cuddles and her swishy little tail

And I have one slice of my delicious (and first ever) Victoria Sponge cake left in the fridge!

I might not have a lot - but what I do have is enough to make me smile today.

Now....what to rename this blog?

Saturday, 2 June 2012


What a nightmare of a day I had yesterday!

I dragged my poor other half around no less than 8 shops and one market looking for some jubilee bunting - everywhere had sold out! And they reckon people are against the monarchy and don't care about the jubilee?

I was even laughed at by one of the assistants in one of the shops I went into 'we sold out of that the day it came in!' he said as he shuffled off to re-stock the crisps.

After three hours in town (and two horrible blisters later) I came home in a bit of a grump. I wanted to put ups some bunting!

So sod it...I made some!

Now it's not pretty bunting, but I should get some points for effort I think!

I cannot draw, sketch or colour for toffee. I just can't. But in my fit of need for tri-coloured Jubilee decorations I cracked out the crayons and started drawing!

And here are my bunting pieces!

Then I simply popped holes in each corner and strung them up on some wool.

No measuring, no faffing - just crayon drawn flags on card attached to wool. Sorted.

And you know what? I cannot see any other flags or bunting anywhere in my who the heck bought it all??

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

Never turn out do they?!

Gah! With all the Jubilee preparations going on around me, I was planning on making a couple of different pieces of patriotic paraphernalia to decorate my home and try and get into the spirit of things; And of course show you all how to make them too (though in hindsight it would have probably been a little late - my bad).

But that isn't going to happen.


Because my stupid (expletive, expletive) printer has decided it doesn't want to work in colour any more, black and white is fine but you want to add some colour? Hells no! That just isn't going to happen.

Let's face it, black and white Queen's heads and union flags just aren't going to do the job are they?


So that's my handmade Jubilee plans scuppered. Maybe. I'm off into town today to trawl the discount, pound saver type shops (there are about 6 within 5 minutes of each other where I live...not a good advert for the area really is it?) for something, anything red white and blue to make something out never know, I may succeed yet!

Wish me luck!

(And I might just have to nip into ASDA for some party food too...yum)