Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rockin with the Stars! - Discount code included!

Nope, I haven't turned into an international rock star in the past 11 days (although I do know a band that is *this* close to doing just that! Follow @theverdictlive on twitter for more info!) I'm talking about my new favourite candle from One Stop Pamper Shop!

I mentioned the fabulous One Stop Pamper Shop in one of my previous posts and I need to mention them again - they're amazing! Every single candle from this emporium of fragrance contains the highest level of scent possible, combining this with their prettiness and affordability, you have got some serious value for money going on!

Back to my latest favourite! Rockin with the Stars is a bright pink, sweet smelling candle that is so deliciously scented that you don't even need to light it to catch a whiff! I popped mine next to an open window and the summer breeze helped to disperse a sumptuous, sherbety scent around my living room! Once lit the fragrance soon made it's way around my entire flat! How fabulous is that?

Whilst the candle was burning, my fiancé came in from walking the dogs and stopped at the door looking a wee bit confused; "Did you go to Lush today?" He asked, walking straight into the bathroom.

"No, why?" I replied following him on his Fred Flinstone-esque tip toed, nose following travels around the flat.

"I can smell that soap you bought me, the incredibly manly bright pink sugary one." He says with a smile...

Turns out, Rockin with the Stars smells just like my fiancé's favourite soap from Lush! Result! This means that he won't moan that I've got a candle on he doesn't like!

On a side note: His favourite soap is not manly at all, it's a super-sweet vanilla and floral soap that's bright pink in colour - he refuses to buy it for himself because it's so girly! (don't tell him I told you)

If you like scented candles I implore you to visit One Stop Pamper Shop!! And if you're in the South-East why not pop into their fabulous new shop? Handmade High St is in Colchester and features not only the fragrant joys of One Stop but a beautiful array of other handmade loveliness from a variety of amazing UK artisans - Get down there!!

Oooooh! And check this out! The fabulous One Stop Pamper Shop has a sneaky little discount code for you to use too! use code AWESOME for 20% off for the next week! (starting June 29th) - go try Rockin With the Stars for yourself!

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