Saturday, 2 June 2012


What a nightmare of a day I had yesterday!

I dragged my poor other half around no less than 8 shops and one market looking for some jubilee bunting - everywhere had sold out! And they reckon people are against the monarchy and don't care about the jubilee?

I was even laughed at by one of the assistants in one of the shops I went into 'we sold out of that the day it came in!' he said as he shuffled off to re-stock the crisps.

After three hours in town (and two horrible blisters later) I came home in a bit of a grump. I wanted to put ups some bunting!

So sod it...I made some!

Now it's not pretty bunting, but I should get some points for effort I think!

I cannot draw, sketch or colour for toffee. I just can't. But in my fit of need for tri-coloured Jubilee decorations I cracked out the crayons and started drawing!

And here are my bunting pieces!

Then I simply popped holes in each corner and strung them up on some wool.

No measuring, no faffing - just crayon drawn flags on card attached to wool. Sorted.

And you know what? I cannot see any other flags or bunting anywhere in my who the heck bought it all??


  1. Oh well done you! I love those crayoned Union Jacks much more than the gazillion printed ones I've seen everywhere!!

    1. Thanks! Not bad without a ruler either hey? Not sure I'll be taking up art any time soon though!