Friday, 1 June 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

Never turn out do they?!

Gah! With all the Jubilee preparations going on around me, I was planning on making a couple of different pieces of patriotic paraphernalia to decorate my home and try and get into the spirit of things; And of course show you all how to make them too (though in hindsight it would have probably been a little late - my bad).

But that isn't going to happen.


Because my stupid (expletive, expletive) printer has decided it doesn't want to work in colour any more, black and white is fine but you want to add some colour? Hells no! That just isn't going to happen.

Let's face it, black and white Queen's heads and union flags just aren't going to do the job are they?


So that's my handmade Jubilee plans scuppered. Maybe. I'm off into town today to trawl the discount, pound saver type shops (there are about 6 within 5 minutes of each other where I live...not a good advert for the area really is it?) for something, anything red white and blue to make something out never know, I may succeed yet!

Wish me luck!

(And I might just have to nip into ASDA for some party food too...yum)

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