Saturday, 9 February 2013


So I kinda, sorta, might have (just a little bit) forgotten about this blog!


Well, like I said in a previous post (way back in June 2012 I think!) I'd been a little bit down and not very happy about things. That didn't change for quite a while and then things got much, much (muchmuchmuchmuch) better and I just didn't think about blogging.

My bad.

So! What's been happening? Well firstly my gorgeous fiance got a small compensation packet from a rather horrific incident. It was a little bittersweet at first because it really didn't reflect the amount of trauma he went through and the subsequent post traumatic stress disorder he required treatment for, but he saw the positive side of it and decided to treat us to a much needed holiday! This was in September and made such a big difference for us! Getting away from all of our problems, if only for a short time, left us with a much more positive outlook on things and quite possibly lead to the biggest, best news I could every report...

We're having a baby!!

I couldn't be happier, I really couldn't!

Just over a year ago I was told by a rather nasty doctor that I wouldn't be able to have children. He then sent me to a consultant who said in no uncertain terms that he 'shouldn't be giving that kind of advice without first consulting one of the many books in his office' and he sent a letter to the doctor in question telling him as much. Now, some might say that the consultant should have waylaid my fears and all should have been peachy - it wasn't. I was terrified that I wouldn't have children, wouldn't be able to have the life I've dreamed of. With all the other things I'd been through this was just another thing that would ruin my life. This fear has been in the back of my mind for thirteen months, thirteen months until I realised that I was two weeks late...two weeks! Three tests and a lot of crying later and I realised that I was pregnant! I was actually going to have a baby. Happy, ecstatic, overjoyed...words really do not describe it!

The best thing is my fiance is just as happy as I am. In fact, I've not seen him this happy in a very, very long time. To see his face light up whenever he talks about our future baby makes my heart glow (wow that's soppy but oh so true).

So...without further ado...drumroll....please meet:

Baby Collins - 12+4 at time of picture (14+5 at time of writing)!

So now I think I know the direction this blog may take (if I don't forget about it again!). Although I guess I could be cheeky and say that, technically, I did make this baby :) With a little help of course!

It's all change for us again, we're moving away from this horrid place we were forced to move to last year. We're moving back to my hometown, back to where we have more opportunities and back to my family which should make things a lot easier for us. There is no substitute for your own mum at times like these is there?


  1. This is such fab news - I am so excited for you! So are we gonna be seeing lots of baby cuteness on the blog now? ;-)

    1. I think that could be a distinct possibility ;)