Thursday, 7 March 2013


So I had a great idea for a blog post! A real doozy of one! Well, it was OK and I was going to take lots of pictures, and it would result in me getting something yummy so I figured it was a winner.

However. On Sunday night something got in the way.

Something big.

Something yuck.

I was very, very, very sick :(

So sick in fact that I've only just been discharged from hospital.

To cut a very long (and rather disgusting) story short, I've been diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and a touch of gastroenteritis on top. I spent three days on a drip on the maternity ward in hospital and was given a total of about 18pints of fluid and lots and lots of needle sticks.

I'm feeling much much better now but it could have been a lot worse. I spent 14 hours constantly throwing up, unable to keep down any liquids at all and decided to go to my docs on Monday morning, thinking he would probably send me to hospital. Did he? Did he heck! He said I had mild morning sickness and gave me antisickness drugs. Even after testing my urine he said 'Take 8 of these a day and you'll be fine'. This was AFTER I told him I couldn't keep down a sip of water, after I told him I'd been sick 1-2 times every hour for 14 hours, after feeling my tummy and I had pains in the lower right side. Just take some pills and you'll be fine.

Well I wasn't was I? As predicted I couldn't keep the pills (or anything else) down so 3hours later my fiance took me to hospital. After a little bit of confusion as my midwife referral hadn't gone through they did the SAME test my GP did and within 5 minutes of that I was on a drip. I was severely dehydrated and needed admitting immediately. A doctor and a midwife had a feel of my tummy and were concerned I might have appendix problems (though thankfully this just turned out to me ligament pain).

I will be writing a complaint to my GP. My levels were double the guidelines for needing IV fluid but he thought sending me home would be fine.

I'm not impressed.

Though one good thing?

I got to see the labour ward, the delivery suite (they put me in there the first night in case I had a virus) and the post natal care at the hospital I'm likely to give birth in! AND I already have a favourite midwife :)

Got to find a silver lining haven't you?

So the point of this post? When I feel better I have a good idea for a yummy, picture filled post that will be more along the handmade home line of things :) I am still planning on changing the name of the blog too ;)

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