Friday, 5 April 2013

It's a.....!!

So I think I may have slightly underestimated how sick I was in my last post.

I expected to be back to 'normal' within a week and making, baking and nesting like a maniac for the next few months. The truth is I've been stuck on my backside feeling sorry for myself, struggling to find food I can keep down and becoming exhausted after even the smallest of tasks. I was ordered a week of bedrest by my fiance when I came out of hospital but that has pretty much turned into a months worth. I've been out of the house probably a grand total of 5 times and have started to need naps.

I know people say 'you're pregnant, not sick' but in my case...I'm both!

Anyway, this wasn't a moaning post, I do have some news! One of those times out of the house included another trip to the hospital, this time not because I felt like I was about to keel over but for my 20 week scan!

I was absolutely terrified before the scan. I was certain that me being sick so much, becoming so dehydrated and losing weight instead of gaining was going to have done something terrible to the baby, but I needn't have worried. The baby looked great! The sonographer was lovely and explained everything she was looking at and why and what it meant. She found nothing unusual and all of the measurements came up within the 'normal' ranges for a baby of 20+4.

Now, some of you may know that a 20 week scan is your opportunity to find out what sex the baby is. From the beginning my fiance and I had been adamant we wanted to know, until a week before the scan! We started wondering if a surprise would be better? Would we regret knowing? Hmmm, hard to say really. So we came up with a slightly unusual plan.

Instead of having the sonographer tell us at the scan, we asked her to write down the sex in my diary so that we could find out at home, snuggled up with a cup of tea (well, hot chocolate in my case) in a nice, relaxed and homely environment :) So... in caseyou're wondering (and haven't found out via twitter/facebook yet!)...take a look at the picture and see!

Isn't SHE beautiful?! I know, I know, everyone thinks that their scan looks amazing and most look the same, but look at her little nose! Tell me that isn't the cutest nose? I'm so excited to be having a little girl! I think I would have been just as excited to be having a boy but I cannot stop smiling whenever I think of her. She already has a name but we're keeping that to ourselves for now.

So that was a couple of weeks ago :) The bump is growing so fast now that my coat is struggling to stay done up! Not good in the snow (Snow in April - still not impressed!)!

Here's a little pic of the bump at 22 weeks :) I've stopped losing weight now which is great too :D

Right! That's enough rambling! Time to start planning all the pretty pink things we want to buy and make for our little girl!


  1. What a lovely bump pic :-) Lets hope you start feeling less sick soon so you can enjoy the best bit of pregnancy before the 'Enough already, just get this baby out of me' phase kicks in (about 36 weeks ;-) ) x

    1. I'm waiting with growing impatience for the 'glowing' phase I keep hearing about!

  2. Awww congratulations on your little pink bundle hun, that's lovely news! Hope you're feeling a bit better now, I was really lucky I didn't get too sick so you have my sympathy! Love the bump xx

    1. Whoops! Sorry I missed this! Thank you :) According to NHS you get sicker with girls but this is just over the top lol x