Monday, 19 March 2012

Well Hello There!


Hello you, how the devil are you?

Welcome to my new (hopefully soon to be sparkling) little blog! I'm a bit of a rubbish blogger to be honest (not a good start to selling myself there is it?) but I've got some new inspiration and I'm hoping to get back on the blogging bandwagon and give it my best shot! It's actually been about 17 months since I last blogged!


So I'm starting here and hopefully I'll get my old, withered, tired and pretty much knackered blog back up and going too!

This blog is all about my little handmade home. Me and my fiancé had had to do a little bit of moving around recently and as a result, have a fair few less pennies in the bank than we're used to. This has started a bit of a revolution with me; Need to buy something? Well sod that! I bet I can make it myself for less money and more satisfaction!

I've become a little handmade, thrifty queen and I'm loving it! So this blog will be full of little tips, pictures and (lets not beat around the bush)a lot of me showing off pretty and useful things that I'm proud of making! I hope you like it!

Now...just need to decide what will be the first little something I show you....Thinking cap ON!


  1. Hello! I'm also pretty rubbish at blogging. Last year I joined in with a challenge to blog every week - I managed for couple of months! Here's to your new blog *raises coffee mug*!!

    1. I'll drink to that! (There's no rum in my coffee I swear)