Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Everybody's talking about it!

So I had to give it a try didn't I? (Fluffy little sheep that I am)

I know, I know, this blog is meant to be about things I've made, but...well...I really wanted to share this!!

So everyone's talking about it and so far everybody seems to love it (I've had phone calls from my mum telling me how fabulous it is!). It's a strange concept, one that got most people scratching their heads and wondering just who let the monkeys into the factory to come up with THAT one?

Have you figured out what it is yet?

Dun, dun duunnnnnnnnnn

Now admit're intrigued aren't you? So was I! I love a good slathering of Philadelphia on my toast and I love a good slathering of chocolate spread on my toast - now I've got the best of both worlds! My lovely fiancé however, he wasn't so impressed. He was so unimpressed in fact, that it took three trips to the supermarket to persuade him we should at least try it.

This morning I got my way!

The texture of the new chocolate cheese spread is much smoother than that of regular old philly, it's not as thick and it's much more spreadable.

It smelt pretty darn chocolatey too! A good sign!

Time for the taste test:

Erm...Oh dear :( I wasn't at all impressed. It didn't taste as chocolatey as I'd hoped and it didn't taste cheesey either! In fact, I thought it tasted a little like sour milk!

The strange thing? My fiancé LOVED it! He ate the second slice and had some more a little bit later too!

Just goes to show, you never know what some quirky new idea is going to taste like until you give it a go! I'm going back to my regular Philadelphia light tomorrow morning.

Have you tried it yet??

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