Monday, 2 April 2012


I don't know about you, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and think 'I'm going to make something yummy today!'

Yesterday was one of those days :)
As dinner had already been decided (lamb rogan josh in case you were wondering) I thought I'd make something particularly scrummy as an afternoon snack/desert.


At the moment I don't have a cake tin (shock horror) but I do, for some reason, have 3 different sized muffin tins. So muffins it was!

I decided to go for white chocolate chunk ones...mmmmm chocolate....

Here they are fresh out of the oven

Mmmm yummy! But they look a little bit boring don't they? I thought I'd have a go at making them pretty.

But there was a problem with that.

Cake decorating is one thing I am RUBBISH at. Honestly, my last attempt looked like a 4 year old had got some goo and slapped it on a cake. Don't believe me? LOOK!

Have you finished laughing? Or are you offended and know that your four year old could probably do better?

So yeah, I'm rubbish at cake decorating. But I refuse to give up! Yesterday I shut the kitchen door and told my other half not to disturb me until I told him he was allowed to come in and not to worry if he hears lots of swearing and a few cupboards being kicked (not that I would get that frustrated.....)

Disaster! My piping bag has gone walkabouts :( But I have the I fashioned one out of some cling film :D Huzzah! Back in business :)

Take a look at my raspberry flavoured butter frosting!

Oh yes! I'm pretty darn proud of these! You might notice a couple of mistakes (I know how eagle eyed you all are) but the main problem I had was that my blasted cling film piping bag kept splitting :( So not a bad job I think?

But they needed something else...

Ah! There we go :)

And they were delicious too!


  1. *waves madly* how did I miss your new blog?!! I'm here now :D so glad you enjoyed Lucy's film :) she loves to be stacked up in mud! And the digging...what's that all about?! I regularly have to wash her feet down with a bucket before letting her back in. I'm sure she's trying to get to Australia!

    Looking forward to reading more and seeing more lovely pick of your furry babies :D

    Jo x x x

  2. Yoohoo! Thanks for popping over :D I'm sure there will be lots more (probably too many) pictures of the furry ones :)

  3. mmmmmmm Raspberry icing you say? And white chocolate chunks? Where do you live again? ;-) omnomnom

    1. The icing WAS delicious! I say's all gone now!