Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Brand Replacement

I'm sure we've all seen those fabulous Aldi adverts telling us that they're own brand products taste just as good as the brands?

No? (I'm pretending you said no so I can show you this one!)
Well this one is my favourite :D

Hehehe, makes me chuckle every time :)

Well anyway, back to the matter at hand; Own brand products often taste just as good, if not better than their more expensive branded counterparts, I've been buying mostly own brand food for a good few months now and can honestly say that I can't tell the difference.

But I have always had one vice. One vice that I could not replace with an own brand. Not through lack of trying I might add! I've tried many, many times to replace this item but just can't find a valid substitute. Meet my branded nemesis....

Nescafe, Cafe Menu Cappuccino.

I love those little sachets of frothy, coffee yumminess, I've loved them for about 5 years and my love for them has never dawdled. Except for once. When they went up in price to £2.99! £2.99 I tell you! When they used to be £1.50! Now, no matter how much I love those caffeine infused, milky, chocolate sprinkle doused delights I cannot justify paying that much for a morning treat (can I? No I can't) so I set about looking for a replacement. That was about 2.5 years ago...and boy oh boy did I try!

I must admit at this point that I still carried on buying my little box of naughtiness - but only when they were on a BOGOFF deal or reduced to £1.50!

Now...the time has come, I can't believe I'm going to say this but...

I have found a replacement!

Drum roll please....

A round of applause for...

ASDA, Chosen By You Hazelnut Cappuccino!

Granted, these do not come with chocolate sprinkles, but the dash of hazelnut syrup makes up for this. At £1.56 for 10 they're a winner! They taste fantastic, are frothy and have a lovely aroma that warms me up in the morning - WIN! They also come in vanilla and caramel (possibly more flavours but I didn't see in store).

I'm so chuffed!

Pointless post? Not for me! I have been waiting for these coffees for a long, long long long long) time!

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