Monday, 22 July 2013

Lunar Baby?

It's a full moon tonight!

Now I'm not one to usually get excited about a full moon. I might keep an eye out for werewolves whilst taking the dogs on their nighttime walk but other than that the full moon doesn't really do much for me. Except this one.

You see, there are many that believe that a full moon can have an effect on pregnant women. So much so, in fact, that some labour wards even have higher staffing levels during full moons to make sure they can cope with all the babies popping out! Since I'm now 38 weeks pregnant (I know! 38!!) I'm kind of hoping that the old pie in the sky works it's mojo on me tonight too.

We did a little reading up on the theory last night and there seems to be a lot of conflicting studies into whether or not there is any correlation between the full moon and women going into labour. One thing that was noted though was that midwives and paramedics do believe there is correlation so who am I to argue with the experts?

The past couple of days I've had a few little twinges but nothing that really makes it feel like this baby is in any hurry to say hello, so tonight I'm going to switch off the lights, whip the bump out and lie in front of the open window and see if the moon can work it's magic on me. You never know, this time tomorrow I could have a special announcement to make!

In other news (although I'm sure you already know as it's on the tellybox every 5 minutes, on the radio probably every 3 and in all the papers) the Duchess of Cambridge is in the early stages of labour herself! She didn't quite wait for the moon to be at it's fullest tonight but since they say a full moon lasts three days, could the Royal baby be a lunar baby? Let's hope that Kate has an easy delivery of her little Prince/Princess and that her and Prince William get to meet their little heir sooner rather than later.

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